Annemarie McCambridge

Annemarie McCambridge

Annemarie McCambridge (née Berssenbrugge) was born in Holland. In 1978 she started her nursing career at the Deaconesses’ Hospital Bronovo (currently the family hospital of the Dutch Royal Family) in her home town of The Hague.

Following her graduation in 1982, Annemarie enrolled as a Registered Nurse for a 2-year Perioperative Nurse training course at the Westeinde Hospital. This is a large inner city hospital in The Hague where Annemarie trained for two years and gained experience in various specialties including plastic surgery, oral surgery and neurosurgery.

Being a Registered Nurse proved to be a great advantage for this training. It was clear that training in a Dutch perioperative environment provided a solid and professional basis for Annemarie’s future international career.

After graduating in 1984 as a qualified perioperative nurse, Annemarie was hired by an oral surgeon and gained experience in various aspects of maxillofacial surgery.



At the end of 1986 Annemarie married her Scottish husband and they moved to Lausanne, Switzerland. To be able to work in Switzerland, Annemarie needed to study French. After gaining the necessary qualifications, Annemarie worked as a perioperative nurse at Clinique Cecil, a private Swiss clinic on the banks of Lake Geneva. It was here that she gained experience in cardiac surgery as well as extensive plastic surgery.

In 1989 Annemarie’s first child was born and she decided to dedicate her time to her family.


USA, UK and New Zealand

After spending 11 years in Switzerland, Annemarie, her husband and their three children moved to Connecticut USA, followed by two years in Scotland and Oxfordshire, England.

In 2000 Annemarie and her family arrived in New Zealand and settled in Browns Bay, Auckland.

In 2001 Annemarie gained the Certificate in Translation Studies with Merit at the Auckland University of Technology.

For a while Annemarie worked from home as a Dutch translator, translating children’s books and travel websites from English into Dutch.

It was her freelance work as a Dutch interpreter for the Waitemata District Health Board that lured Annemarie back into the hospital environment and she decided she wanted to return to work at a perioperative department. In 2004 she was accepted to do the Return to Practice course offered by North Shore Hospital in. In November 2004 Annemarie graduated as a Level 1 New Zealand Registered Nurse.  In 2005 Annemarie accepted a position as a perioperative nurse at the North Shore Hospital Theatre Department. She soon gained her Registered Nurse Level 2 and continued the enjoyment of being in the company of this encouraging team as well as a great learning environment.


Perioperative Art

At the end of 2006 following a serious illness after returning from an overseas trip Annemarie decided to take a break from perioperative nursing and dedicate this period of her life to rehabilitation and invest time in one of her old passions: painting and drawing. This turned out to be a life changing event.

After enrolling in different art courses such as painting in acrylics and life drawing, Annemarie had her first work exhibited in June 2008 at the Mairangi Arts Gallery (MAC) in Mairangi Bay, Auckland. In July 2008 Annemarie had more work exhibited and sold at the MAC Students Art Exhibition at the Aotea Centre Gallery in Auckland.

In August 2008 The Dissector, the Journal of the Perioperative Nurses College of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation dedicated a cover story to Annemarie and her work which was very well received by her peers throughout New Zealand.

Annemarie has exhibited her ‘Perioperative Art’ solo at North Shore Hospital between July and October 2008. The exhibition was enriched with some old medical instruments that Annemarie has collected during her years working as a Perioperative Nurse in Dutch and Swiss operating theatres. The publicity around this exhibition included an article in the North Shore Times.

Annemarie’s Perioperative Art embraces scenes of people at work in and around operating theatres from a patient’s viewpoint as well as that of the surgical team.

Annemarie: “I have always been captivated by the combination of theatre lights, appealing colours and the intensity of the work being carried out. I remember watching it during the quieter moments as a circulating nurse in theatre and promising myself to capture it on canvas one day. It looks like that promise has come true. It would be exciting to share my art with other hospitals, medical centres and professionals. After all, they have provided me with this unique inspiration and I consider my perioperative art work as a tribute to them, the committed staff at all perioperative departments throughout New Zealand and the rest of the world!”

Annemarie continued exhibiting her work in 2009 at locations such as the Mairangi Arts Centre and the Estuary Art Centre in Orewa.

In July 2009 Annemarie was asked by one of the South Pacific Pictures Art Directors of TVNZ’s Shortland Street to provide them with one of her perioperative paintings for their set. ‘Diathermy’ was subsequently used on set during filming of one of Shortland Street’s episodes.

In February 2010 Annemarie participated in the ‘Tea 4 Two’ exhibition at the Mairangi Arts Centre with her painting ‘Three Tea Towels’.


Human Form

In March 2010 three of Annemarie’s paintings were exhibited at the selected art sale ‘Art in the Garden’ in Coatesville.

The MAC’s ‘Physique’, an exhibition celebrating the human form, in May-June 2010 included three more paintings by Annemarie.

In June 2010 Annemarie opened her second solo-exhibition ‘Bodies of Work’ at North Shore Hospital, Auckland. Most of these works featured the human form but this time Annemarie Annemarie’s Dutch heritage was also clearly represented by small Delft Blue inspired paintings and some typical Dutch still life objects. The exhibition was covered by the North Shore Times and NZ Independent Nursing Newspaper ‘Nursing Review’.

From June – July 2011 Annemarie exhibited her painting ‘Depression’ at the MAC’s Student & Members Exhibition 2011.

‘Body Parts’, 18 June – 19 August 2012, was Annemarie’s third solo exhibition. Located at North Shore Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand, it formed a part of the Foundations Healing Arts program. These new paintings exclusively featured the human form and were inspired by a range of thoughts, sculptures and experiences.

In 2015 Annemarie started exhibiting on a more permanent basis at the Peroperative Department of North Shore Hospital, Auckland NZ.

Most of Annemarie’s work is for sale and Annemarie will be more than happy to discuss commissions with future clients. To contact Annemarie, please use the Contacts Form.